Toppy Side Press

Mobile pallet changer without turning

Toppy Side Press is a mobile pallet changer for the replacement of pallets up to 800 Kg and no height limitation. The pallet replacement takes place without turning the load, through a lateral pressure of the product. This machine features two rubber-covered side compactors, that keep the product steady while the pallet is taken out from below and replaced.
Like any Toppy equipment, Toppy Side Press pallet turner complies with the strictest European and American rules and pays special attention to the GMPs, with its smooth surface and bevelled shape assuring the utmost hygiene and cleanliness.

Mobile Palettenwechsler Toppy Side Press low

Toppy Side Press is a mobile, drivable pedestrian truck that can be easily placed wherever required for close convenient operation. Toppy Side Press is a side-clamping and lifting machine that allows to change pallet and to move and lift stable products. All Toppy models are produced in order to meet and exceed the European and American regulations on pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food production.

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