L-Shape Romeo & Juliette

Automatic Pallet Inverter


“L-Shape Romeo & Juliette” is the most compact automatic pallet inverter with integrated pallet dispensers in the world. It is a pallet transfer system capable of handling up to 55 pallets per hour with two integrated pallet dispensers. Get in touch with our experts for request a quote. 

This automatic pallet inverter can be used with a forklift or transpallet. The cycle begins with the deposit of the load and the new pallet inside the machine. In a few seconds the load is overturned and separated from the pallet which remains on the ground and subsequently slides in place of the new pallet.


The load is then brought back to the ground with the new pallet and two mechanical arms stack the old pallet. We will provide the system with two pallet dispensers that store up of 20 pallets each in the rear of the machine, which allows the pallet changing system to never stop. The removal and feeding of the stored pallets is carried out in a few seconds with the use of the forklift.

The “L-Shape Romeo & Juliette” pallet inverter system changes the pallet automatically using the tilting technology. Depending on the type of product, the load tilts between 95 ° and 120 °.

It is suitable for autonomously managing all the products is tilted thanks to the new Toppy APS technology (Automatic Pallet Shift) patented in 2022. It is capable of managing up to 55 pallet changes per hour and is equipped with two pallet dispensers for automatic pallet storage (up to 40 pallets) of origin and destination pallets.

1.FROM WOODEN PALLET TO PLASTIC PALLET: In many companies, there must be a separation between the goods reception area, where the shipping pallet generally made of woods are stopped, to the “white area” of the warehouse, where sanitized pallets (aluminum or plastic) are used. In our range of production there is also multiple dedusting cabins able to decontaminate the products and the air in order to maintain the certified environment.


2. SAVINGS AND AUTOMATIC: For companies with large numbers of pallets to handle, we usually recommend automatic solutions, able to perform with many pallets every hour. Our system reduces the number of operators required for the production process and therefore the cost of labor.


3. STANDARDIZATION OF THE INTERNAL PALLET and CENTERING PRODUCTS: Modern production processes increasingly need to standardize all pallets that move products during the production cycle and often also in warehouse, which are usually automated.
Our pallet inverter systems can suit perfectly because they are able to handle heavy goods and / or fragile products whatever is the incoming pallet, replace it with a used one and center the product. It’s also possible to carry our automatic packaging operations.

4. SHIPPING with SLIP SHEET WITHOUT PALLET: It’s essential to save on the transport cost of the shipment of finished products. The pallet represents an important cost for those with a high flow of outgoing products. In addition, without the use of the pallet in the shipment, companies greatly increase the number of products that can be stowed. Our pallet changer placed at the end of the production process, are able to insert automatically a slipsheet under the load, which will be ready for shipment without the pallet. The pallet stackers will automatically stack all the pallets removed.


5. SAFETY and WORK REDUCTION FOR OPERATORS: Our pallet transfer system significantly increase safety within the process, as the manual work of operators is seriously reduced. Our load transfer systems are very safe as they are equipped with advanced safety systems. The access to dangerous areas is controlled by doors with sensors, photocells or laser scanners in order to prevent dangerous cycles.


6. PICKING & AGV: We offer a logistics line able to automate the composition of the load. The pallet management is automated with the AGV system, in order to facilitate the operator in the composition of the load.

7.CLEANING, DEDUSTING AND SANITIZING: In the production range with our pallet inverter can be implemented a sanitization or dedusting system. We usually supply these systems to companies that need to separate the “white” area from the “grey”. Where necessary, there are inserted few particle counters in order to check the cleanliness and sanitization of the air before opening the doors. The main objective is to avoid that too high numbers of particles remain suspended in certified atmospheres of UNI EN ISO 14644-1 certified environments (Federal Standard 209D, 209E in the United States).

The MEKKANO gate combines with the components for the EASY BARRIER perimeter protection overcoming the limits of welded framing.


Using the pre-painted elements and original connecting systems with screw fastening, it is possible to assemble gates of different width in a rapid and clean way, making them ready to be installed. With the same elements, the MEKKANO gate can be prepared in the right or left configuration, with outward or inward opening.


All the configurations of the gate can be obtained either for the version with the upper support or without it. The high strength of the connecting elements makes the structure as rigid as a classic welded frame.

Contact our team of experts and as soon as possible you will be given the price of the “L-Shape Romeo & Juliette” and the price of other Pallet Transfer Systems. Get advice on the solution that best suits your needs!


Pallet Inverter L-Shape Romeo & Juliette with security fences
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