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Fully Automated Pallet Changing System


If you are looking for a pallet transfer system which carries out the pallet changing operation without move the load, but side locking it and changing the pallet downside, ask for more information about Toppy “Four Finger Logy”.

This system is able to handle over 45 pallets / hour.


The pallet transfer system Four Fingers Logy is equipped with Toppy Four Fingers pallet changer (designed to replace the pallet without tilting or turning the product), pallet dispensers (suitable for the types of pallets used) and roller or chain conveyors.


The system has two inputs, one for the goods and one for the new empty pallet.

pallet changer Toppy Four Finger Logy

1.FROM WOODEN PALLET TO PLASTIC PALLET: In many companies, there must be a separation between the goods reception area, where the shipping pallet generally made of woods are stopped, to the “white area” of the warehouse, where sanitized pallets (aluminium or plastic) are used. In our range of production there is also multiple dedusting cabins able to decontaminate the products and the air in order to maintain the certified environment.


2. SAVINGS AND AUTOMATIC: For companies with large numbers of pallets to handle, we usually recommend pallet transfer systems able to perform with many pallets every hour. Our system reduces the number of operators required for the production process and therefore the cost of labour.


3. STANDARDIZATION OF THE INTERNAL PALLET and CENTERING PRODUCTS: Modern production processes increasingly need to standardize all pallets that move products during the production cycle and often also in warehouse, which are usually automated.
Our pallet transfer systems are perfectly suited because they are able to handle heavy goods and / or fragile products, replace new pallets with a used one, and center the product. It is also possible to carry our automatic packaging operations.

4. SHIPPING with SLIP SHEET WITHOUT PALLET: It’s essential to save on the transport cost of the shipment of finished products. The pallet represents an important cost for those with a high flow of outgoing products. In addition, without the use of the pallet in the shipment, companies greatly increase the number of products that can be bestowed. Our Inverting pallet transfer systems placed at the end of the production process is able to automatically insert a slip sheet under the load, which will be ready for shipment without the pallet. The pallet stackers will automatically stack all the pallets that were removed.


5. SAFETY and WORK REDUCTION FOR OPERATORS: Our pallet transfer system significantly increases safety within the operation process, as the manual work of operators is greatly reduced. Our pallet transfer systems are very safe as they are equipped with advanced safety systems. The access to dangerous areas is controlled by doors with sensors, photocells, or laser scanners in order to prevent dangerous cycles.


6. PICKING & AGV: We offer a load transfer system able to automate the composition of the load. The pallet management is automated with the AGV system, in order to facilitate the operator in the composition of the load.


7. CLEANING, DEDUSTING AND SANITIZING: In the production range of our pallet inverters, a sanitization or dedusting system can be implemented. We usually supply these systems to companies that need to separate the “white” area from the “grey”. Where necessary, they insert a few particle counters in order to check the cleanliness and sanitization of the air before opening the doors. The main objective is to avoid high numbers of particles that remain suspended in certified atmospheres of UNI EN ISO 14644-1 certified environment (Federal Standard 209D, 209E in the United States).

The Four Fingers pallet transfer system allows you to change the pallet without damaging the product in any way. Here we describe the logistic system sequences necessary to replace a wooden pallet to a plastic / aluminum and vice versa.


1.The Four Fingers pallet changer will start its production cycle, removing the EURO pallet by inserting 4 swords into the slots on the top of the pallet. Through a rulo-chain exchange, the pallet will make a run of about 100 mm downwards, detaching from the load without changing its position and conformation.


2. Once the pallet has been removed, it will be at the lower level, with respect to the load and will be ejected through a conveyor system that passes under the load supply lines.


3. In the meanwhile, of the ejection of the indoor pallet for internal use, the pallet used for transport is delivered from the pallet warehouse and placed before the “Four Fingers” pallet changer. This phase is carried out simultaneously, allowing to reach significant pallet replacement speeds.

The MEKKANO gate combines with the components for the EASY BARRIER perimeter protection overcoming the limits of welded framing.


Using the pre-painted elements and original connecting systems with screw fastening, it is possible to assemble gates of different width in a rapid and clean way, making them ready to be installed. With the same elements, the MEKKANO gate can be prepared in the right or left configuration, with outward or inward opening.


All the configurations of the gate can be obtained either for the version with the upper support or without it. The high strength of the connecting elements makes the structure as rigid as a classic welded frame.

Contact our team of experts and as soon as possible you will be given the price of the “Four Finger Logy” and the price of other Pallet Transfer Systems. Get advice on the solution that best suits your needs!


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