Pallet Transfer Systems


Completely automate your pallet exchanging operation

We customize pallet transfer systems according to  your workflow, type of products, warehouse space, labour costs, etc.

Pallet transfer systems, Pallet Transfer Systems

The fastest pallet transfer

system in the world

System for pallet translating designed in 2022

One of the most advanced systems in Toppy’s range

Capable of handling more than 70 pallets per hour

One of the best seller pallet inverter system worldwide

Automatic frontal

transfer of the load

Standardize the pallet in your warehouse

with pallet transfer systems

Toppy offers more than 15 models of  pallet transfer systems capable of managing large quantities of goods, while considerably reducing labor costs.

Innovative system with integrated pallet dispensers

The most compact mini logy pallet inverter system

Pallet Transfer System

with pallet dispensers and shuttle

Change the pallet by

turning the load to

95°, 120°, or 180°

The most innovative automatic inline pallet inverter 

Pallet transfer & turning system 

by tilting the load

Load transfer system with 4 supports for the load

Pallet transfer system for unstable loads

Pallet transfer systems, Pallet Transfer Systems


Discover also our mobile pallet changers
and stationary pallet changers

If you would like to change the pallet in every area of your warehouse, check out our mobile solutions.


Discover stationary units, able to rapidly perform the pallet changing operation with different types of loads, even the most unstable or heaviest ones.