Mobile Pallet Inverters

Mobile Pallet Inverters

Compact and versatile pallet turner for any area of ​​the warehouse

Our mobile pallet inverters can be used in any area of your warehouse and capable of handling also heavy, bulky, unstable and fragile products.

Change the pallet

by tipping the load

Pallet changing for

loads up to 1500 kg

Dual Change: Turning or Pressing the load

Mobile Pallet Inverters, Mobile Pallet Inverters

Turn over your

empty bins in drums

Suitable for pallets

of different sizes

Mobile pallet tilter for non turnable loads

Change the pallet without overturning the load
with our mobile pallet changers

If your products cannot be overturned, you can find the solution among these other mobile pallet changers. They have been specifically designed to handle products safely without overturning them.

Newly patented

solution in 2022

Safely applies lateral

pressure to the load

Change the pallet

& split the load

Safely transfer the load

by lateral pressure

Mobile Pallet Inverters, Mobile Pallet Inverters


Discover also our stationary pallet changer and fully automatic systems

Toppy’s production range also has stationary pallet inverters and fully automatic pallet changing systems. Rely on our solutions if you need to manage a consistent production flow or if you intend to allocate the pallet change operation in a specific area.