Pallet Dispenser


If you are looking for a pallet dispenser for stacking your pallets, you are in the right place! Toppy offers stand-alone pallet dispensers and automatic pallet dispensers with rolls and conveyors integrate in logistic lines.

What is pallet dispenser?


They are stationary devices really useful fo stocking ingoing and outgoing pallets. Thanks to pallet dispensers, you will be able to quickly collect and stack pallets. Furthermore, you will be able to better organize your pallets.


Toppy also provides automatic pallet dispensers an automatic handling. However, it is a solution useful for pallet transfer systems or automatic pallet exchangers. Instead of the automatic version, this devices are the ideal solution for stationary and mobile pallet changers. By using a pallet dispenser, you will dramatically reduce the difficult of pallet handling.


For every company that handle loads on pallet is necessary to use this solution in order to organize, speed up and automate the warehouse processes.

Gravity pallet dispenser by Toppy

Discover more about our pallet dispenser


Every day in the world, companies ship their products using millions of pallets. In particular, based on single workflow, the biggest companies’ warehouses can handle even thousands of pallets daily. Consequently, they need tools to meet this production levels.


With these high flows, a lot of companies have chosen Toppy for the automatic pallet handling with our pallet transfer systems. Our systems are able to reduce generic costs, the cost of the work and shipping costs. 


In fact, all the companies that change pallets have also the need to stake. This is why we provide this devices with pallet changers. This companies need to stake the arrival pallet once it has been changed.

“Gravity” is our new pallet stacker designed by Toppy. It has a unique working process which take advantage of gravitational energy to stake pallets. Toppy’s pallet dispenser doesn’t need air or electric energy so, it can be placed everywhere in your warehouse. Moreover, this is a really compact pallet magazine  very useful for everyone those have a small-scale warehouse.

Automatic pallet dispensers are usually integrated with semi-automatic pallet changers or pallet transfer systems. They can speed up the pallet handling operation
in order to load and upload pallets easily. They are automatic pallet dispensers managed by PLC, very useful for those who need to automate internal operations and save time.