Pallet Turner Toppy V-Shape

Stationary Pallet Changer

Pallet Turner Toppy V-Shape can securely handle various type of load like boxes, bags, drums, buckets and vials.


First of all is built with a unique and strong frame, and is manufactured in painted steel.

A full stainless steel model is also available.

All moving parts are operated by hydraulic, electrical system and pneumatic systems.

The pallet to be replaced is loaded onto a lower platform at floor level.

The loading is allowed by an electric pallet jack.


At the start of the cycle, a pallet holder secures the pallet to the platform and the upper compactor moves down until a sensor detects the top of the load.

In this position the plate provides a gentle support to the load.

When the load is in the tilted position, the lower platform moves back to the floor and the pallet is released.

Therefore the operator can quickly and easily replace the pallet at floor level.


Toppy V-Shape Pallet Turner is available in various configurations and options like the possibility to change the pallet at 120° or 95°.

Certainly their diversity makes them suitable for any kind of industry such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, ceramics and are requested by customers having available area for stand alone equipment.


Stationary Pallet Turners are available in push buttons version or fully automatic mode.


Please view the videos below to see each unit in operation

Pallet Turner V Shape