Stationary Toppy Side Mover

Pallet Exchanger

Pallet Exchanger Stationary Toppy Side Mover is a side-clamping machine that allows to change the pallet by a side shifting movement of the load from a pallet to another without tilting or inverting.


Toppy Side Mover utilized the principle of shifting. Thanks to this system and to new solutions products it cannot be damaged by excessive pressure.

The load is pressed in a very delicate way thanks to a direct adjustment or a four positions pressure selector.

The two plates are covered with a high-density neoprene foam rubber to gently secure the load on two sides.

The product is lifted off one pallet and transferred to another pallet.


Stationary Toppy Side Mover Pallet Exchanger is available in various configurations and options like the sliding pallet that facilitate a gentle pushing load on the empty pallet.


Toppy Stationary Pallet Exchanger is available in push buttons version or with PLC fully automatic mode.


Please view the videos below to see each unit in operation.

Pallet changer side mover blade

Pallet Exchanger Toppy Side Mover