Stationary Pallet Changers

Stationary pallet inverters

Stationary Pallet Changers

Manage every type of products with our new 2022 solutions

One of Toppy’s secrets is the ability to design and patent new pallet changers every year. Toppy’s stationary pallet changers are capable of handling any type of product without  overturning them.

stationary pallet changer easy changer with cans

Change the pallet in less than 60 seconds

Safe lateral transferring

of the load

Automatic pallet changer with dispensers

Safe lateral

load pressure

Change the pallet

& divide the load

Safe frontal transferring

of the load



Discover also our new stationary pallet Inverters

Toppy offers the possibility to change the pallet with other fixed solutions. Discover the wide range of stationary pallet inverters capable of handling heavy loads in confined spaces.

New patented inverter machine with integrated pallet dispensers

Newly patented

pallet inverter machine in 2022

Innovative system with integrated pallet dispensers

Best seller all

around the world

Changes the pallet by tilting the load at 90° or 95°

For the insertion and removal of freezer spacers

Load the products

with a pallet jack

The first inverter

designed in 1995

The standard

pallet inverter



Discover also our mobile pallet changer

and pallet transfer system

Toppy is the only company in the world able to provide both mobile pallet turning solutions and pallet transfer systems. Based on the type of product, the production flow, and the space in the warehouse, our experts will recommend the most suitable solution.