Mobile Pallet Exchanger Toppy Side Mover

Mobile Pallet Changer

Mobile Pallet Exchanger Toppy Side Mover is a side-camping machine that allows to change the pallet by a side shifting movement of the load.


It can handle fragile products, that can’t be turner or tilted. The max. weight is up to 1200 kg and max. and the pallet size is up to 1000 x 1200 mm.

Toppy Side Mover utilized the principle of shifting. Thanks to this system and to new solutions products it cannot be damaged by excessive pressure.

The load is pressed in a very delicate way thanks to a direct adjustment or a four positions pressure selector.


Toppy Side Press Mobile Pallet Exchanger is mostly requested by the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry as realizes a quick pallet changing and doesn’t occupy much area of work.


Please view the video below to see each unit in operation

mobile Pallet exchanger toppy side mover low

Mobile Pallet Exchanger Side Mover

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