Pallet exchange Four Press Aladdin

Automated Pallet Exchange System

Toppy Four Press allows the perfect pallet exchange under the load without inverting or tilting it. Machine is complete of roll conveyors ready to be linked to a logistic line. The load is transferred inside the Toppy Four Press area by the conveyor line. Two rubber side plates gently close and support laterally the load while the frontal and rear clamping devices run down over the pallet level and press the product on the 4 sides to better maintain it. The roll conveyor underneath machine body perform the pallet replacement. Toppy Four press is a compact machine, not occupying a large space, very easy to be integrated, suitable for most applications, particularly recommended for not turnable loads. It is performing about 30/40 pallets exchange per hours depending from logistic configuration.

Toppy Four Press Aladdin version includes also a special carpets system avoiding product falling down on conveyor and helping the pallet replacement for unstable items.

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