Master Inverter with dedusting cabin

fully automatized pallet changing system

Pallet changer Toppy Master Inverter with dedusting cabin

Toppy Master Inverter is a pallet turner linear model for the replacement of pallets without tilting or turning the load, through a translational movement. Its features let two types of operation: Transfer of the load from a wooden pallet to a plastic o aluminum pallet and vice versa with a two–ways translation movement. The load is pushed and supported on three sides. Two rubber side compactors close and support the load on two sides. These plates apply a gentle pressure to the material and, together with a metal back plate, shift the load onto the new pallet. The Master Inverter adjusts the position of the loaded pallet creating the best conditions for transferring the load. Equipped with a dedusting cabin that allows a fast and silent de‐dust work, when the goods are just entered and before the pallet changing. If the machine has to operate with goods having no consistency, like bags, big bags; we need a slip sheet on the wooden pallet to prevent any bag tearing. Toppy Master Inverter pallet changer is available with either manual control (by push button panel) or full automatic control (by PLC). It can also become part of a logistic line with conveyors and automatic pallet warehouses.

Master Inverter con cabina di depolverazione


TOPPY MASTER INVERTER with dedusting cabin

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