Clearing Airlock – Toppy dedusting cabin

Clearing Airlock

Cleaning Airlock separates clean zone from the other areas and allows a quick and silent dust removing.


The new generation of Toppy Dedusting Cabin is designed to assure the best possible cleaning result on all load sides.


Thanks to a special frame, the high-pressure nozzles runs nearby the load that receives the air flow not only on the 4 lateral sides but also on the top of the load.


Toppy Cleaning Airlock guarantees an accurate removal from dust, powder, fragments, bugs, etc.


Toppy Dedusting cabin is working at -10% de-pressure assuring the internal recycle and filtration of the blown air.


Air cycle can be considered a “closed cycle”: thanks to this vacuum system, the filtered air is reintroduced in the cabin area for a continuous loop.


Toppy Dedusting Cabin is equipped of 2 separate filtration system composed of G4 + HEPA filters assuring the 99% air cleaning from powder.


Toppy Cleaning Airlock is equipped of two automatic and synchronized rolling doors to control contamination, allowing a perfect environment separation.


Please view the videos below to see each unit in operation.

Entstaubungs Kabine


Cleaning Airlock - Toppy dedusting cabin

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