Automatic pallet changer V-Shape Logy

Automatic Pallet Changing System

Automatic Pallet Changer Toppy V Shape Logy tilts the load backwards at 120° allowing a gentle and save pallet replacement.


Its configuration allows the machine to exchange pallets and securely handle a huge variety of products including loads of bags, boxes, drums, bottles, etc.


The Toppy V Shape is fast and strongly designed for a 24/7 operation. Toppy V Shape in line pallet exchanger version can be supplied complete of roll or chain conveyor ready to be integrated in logistic lines.


The V Shape fully automated configuration complete of pallet stackers can guarantee the higher performance output. Its sonar centering device can compensate different pallet size during the pallet replacement operation, to place the load always centered respect the pallet.


Precautional safety light curtains, mutings, metal grids are always provided for a complete area and operator protection.


Please view the videos below to see each unit in operation.

automatic pallet inverter toppy v-shape 2

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