Master Inverter logy

automated pallet changing system

Automated Pallet Changing System Toppy Master Inverter Logy is a linear pallet changer allowing a gentle pallet replacement without turning or tilting the load.


The two lateral side plates, together with the rear shutter, support the product on three sides to safety perform its translation and exchange the pallet. Thanks to its double way entrances and pallets approaching,


Toppy Master Inverter Logy Automated Pallet Changing System is a perfect solution to separate the cleaning zone from other areas.


Toppy Master Inverter is designed to be fully integrated in logistic lines, to be connected to the necessary pallet stackers to achieve highest performances.


Slip sheet dispensers / removers and other devices can be available to take the most advantages from the logistic installation.


Please view the video below to see each unit in operation.

pallet exchanger toppy master inverter

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