Safely invert the load for pallet translating or removal

stationary pallet inverter toppy hands free

Newly patented pallet inverter in 2022

Load products with

a pallet jack

The first inverter

designed in 1995

The standard

pallet inverter

Toppy guarantees prompt deliveries and patented solutions.

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Easy-to use


Change the pallet in every area of your warehouse

The fastest technology

in Toppy’s range

New versatile systems

patented in 2022

Completely automates the

pallet exchanging operation


Toppy’s pallet changers are designed and produced internally in the Italian factory in Bologna. Their use allows to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, food, beverage, logistics, retail centers, and any company that constantly moves loads and goods on pallets. 

Toppy’s equipment is designed to perform heavy tasks and use innovative/cutting-edge systems developed through over 40 years of experience by working closely with the reference brands in each sector.